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10 Best Free Roblox Games You Can Play


As a platform, Roblox easily offers one of the largest selections of online games for players around the world. You can find Roblox shooter games, sports titles, and even some great adventure options on it. Some free and some paid. Focusing only on the former, we are here with some of the best free Roblox games you must experience. Many titles on our list can compete with popular video game titles in the market. But what makes our picks for the best free Roblox games so special? Let’s find out!

1. Murder Mystery 2

Undoubtedly, Among Us is one of the most creative multiplayer games out there. Unfortunately, your entire friend group has to purchase the game to take part in its action. But, if you want the same thrilling experience without paying a buck then Roblox’s Murder Mystery 2 is made for you. Though, instead of creating a clone of the original, this game puts a new spin on it.

You spawn in a group of strangers, one of them is the murderer who is supposed to kill everyone and another person is the sheriff who is responsible for taking down the murderer. If you spawn as an innocent stranger, you not only have to survive the murderer but also help the sheriff find them. Meanwhile, as the murderer, much like an imposter, you have to kill everyone before the sheriff suspects you cunningly. Lastly, as the sheriff, you ultimately have to kill the imposter before everyone else dies.

Play Murder Mystery 2

2. Emergency Response: Liberty County

The job of emergency officers is made up of a perfect mix of mystery, exhilaration, and time-bound action. This free Roblox roleplay game lets you experience the same in a variety of ways. On the right side of the law, you get to play as a transportation worker, police officer, deputy sheriff, and even a firefighter. Meanwhile, players on the other side get to act as criminals triggering the emergency services.

Furthermore, in a true roleplay sense, the game also gives you the option to act as a civilian with jobs ranging from farmer to journalist. Every person, including the criminals, is supposed to play their specific role in this game to make it work. In a way, this game acts as a virtual society for Roblox players. Let’s see if you can fit into it.

3. BedWars

If you spend time on the best Minecraft servers, you are bound to come across a variety of Bedwars minigames. This free Roblox game uses its main concept and pushes it to another level. You spawn in a team of 5 inside a world that doesn’t look too different from Minecraft, thanks to its blocky and simple terrain. Then, much like the original Bedwars, you have to protect your bed (aka your spawn point) from the enemy team.

Once a team loses all of its beds, its members can’t respawn. The team with the last member standing wins the round. But it isn’t as simple as fighting and killing your opponents. Thanks to the diverse set of items in Roblox, you have to find a way to deal with a bunch of creative weapons too. From jetpacks to flame arrows, nothing option is out of reach. You just have to survive long enough to outlive your opponents.

SPTS or Superheroes Power Training Simulator is the ultimate free Roblox game to experience all the superpowers of your favorite characters. Whether you want to be overpowered like Superman or soul-threatening like Ghost Rider, this game has something for everyone. But before you wildly use these powers, you have to train them to be their best.

Moreover, instead of just a training simulator, you get an entire game simulation with a huge world of other players. Not to forget, once your powers are ready-to-use, you get to choose between becoming a superhero and a supervillain. Then, the real battle begins.

5. Shuudan

Shuudan is one of the newest best Roblox anime games out there. It is based on the popular sports anime, Blue Lock. Much like anime, you get to play the sport of football with various online players. The controls are similar to other popular sports titles like Fifa so you can get used to them in no time.

Though, the unique anime art style definitely gives a major upgrade to the otherwise saturated genre. So, whether you are an anime fan or want to experience sports games in a new way, this free Roblox game is the best option for you.

6. Ghost Simulator

Ghost Simulator is exactly the type of Roblox game you imagine it to be. You spawn as a ghost hunter, not too dissimilar from the franchise of Ghost Busters and then, you have to hunt ghosts around the world. Most of the ghosts in it are nonthreatening but you will still encounter a bunch of scary moments here and there.

Overall, this free Roblox game gives you a memorable fun experience that is even better with friends. Though, if you really want to be scared then we suggest you check out our list of the best scary Roblox games. Some of them are more threatening than even full-fledged horror video game tiles.

7. MeepCity

MeepCity, without a doubt, is one of the most popular free games of Roblox. It has a huge active community, friendly players, and a whole range of fun activities. In many ways, MeepCity is your gateway into a second online life in the world of Roblox. Whether you want to build bases, hang out with friends, or roleplay as literally anything, this game is made for you.