Earning Opportunities in Pakistan (Ultimate Guide) 2024

Earning Opportunities in Pakistan provides a myriad of lucrative income-generating possibilities, spanning various domains, including freelancing, digital education, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, real estate, and investments, all of which offer abundant employment prospects. Furthermore, individuals can delve into the stock market and explore alternative income streams to unlock potential avenues for achieving financial success. It’s advisable to […]


MagSafe Compatibility Hell Is Finally Going Away With Next-Gen Qi Charging

The Qi2 wireless charging standard gets a similar magnetic device lock-in formula as Apple’s MagSafe system and will end compatibility confusion, too. The next-generation Qi wireless charging tech for smartphones and wearables is nigh, and this time around, it’s borrowing the magnetic device lock-in trick from Apple’s own MagSafe system for iPhones. Now, MagSafe is no alien civilization advanced […]


The First NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40-Series Laptops Are Coming This Year

NVIDIA’s RTX 40-series GPUs are coming to laptops with the promise of increased performance and better power efficiency. Here’s what to expect. Also check: Infinix Hot 10i Model 2023 At CES 2023, NVIDIA announced that its RTX 40-series GPUs are coming to laptops. The company launched its desktop-class RTX 40-series graphics cards in Sept. 2022 following months of leaks, rumors, […]


The Coolest Wearables of CES 2023

Following a year that saw some of the biggest and most advanced smartwatches debut, wearables at CES 2023 impressed with their simplicity. The first proper in-person Consumer Electronics Show in three years highlighted a lot of cool wearable technology products, but there was a somewhat surprising trend found across the most eye-catching wearables at the annual trade show. Following a […]


The Best Tablets That Debuted At CES 2023

Multiple tablets of varying sizes, display types, and operating systems were unveiled at CES 2023. These are the ones that stole the show. CES 2023 saw the release of multiple tablets from a handful of brands, but while some were pretty basic, others stole the show. Sales of tablets picked up during the Covid-19 pandemic, and while […]


TikTok Is A Minefield Of Misinformation, Especially Around Mental Health

Research conducted by medical experts at PlushCare found that over 83% of mental health videos shared on TikTok contain misleading content. TikTok doesn’t command a particularly enviable reputation as a safe space online, but new research suggests that it is a hellscape for misleading content covering mental health. The platform has often been lambasted for getting […]