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10 Best Games like Apex Legends Mobile You Can Play

You must have already heard about the shocking announcement by EA Sports to discontinue Apex Legends Mobile. Why else will you be here? Frankly, we are as shocked as you are. Although Electronic Arts have announced that the shutdown will happen in May 2023, there is no better time for you than today to look for deserving alternatives like Apex Legends Mobile for your handheld device. We have curated this list to help you prepare for the ultimate inevitable demise of Apex Legends Mobile. Stay with us until the end to find the 10 best games like Apex Legends Mobile that you can play on Android and iOS.

Best Games Like Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Earlier in May 2022 EA Sports Announced the launch of Appex Legends Mobile, bringing the much-awaited mobile gaming experience to its fans for Android and iOS. Within a year of its launch, EA Sports has decided to bring down the curtain on Apex Legends Mobile, citing its inability to deliver upon the promised “quality, quantity, and cadence.”

So, we curated this list, keeping you and many users looking to avail the close to Apex Legend’s similar mobile gaming experience. Continue reading below or jump to any specific section from the table of contents to know the top 10 Apex Legends Mobile alternatives.

Top 10 Apex Legends Alternatives

1. Call of Duty Mobile

Since its release by Activision in 2019, Call of Duty Mobile has been able to successfully make a mark in the overly-competitive mobile gaming industry. COD Mobile goes head to head with titles like Fortnite and PUBG. If you have played Call of Duty on your PC and/or Console, you will appreciate the mobile version of the game. As soon as you enter the game, you will realize this is not merely a transition from PC to Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile is completely designed for smartphones, which brings COD’s classic modes, maps, and weapons to handheld devices.

After Apex Legends Mobile, COD Mobile is one of the most refined games that you can play in Battle Royale Mode. You get to experience multiple game modes like deathmatch and 100-player Battle Royale. You will be surprised how immersive the gameplay is with extremely high-quality graphics, console-level controls, and highly detailed in-game physics. Apart from the classic COD offerings, you will also find a lot of mobile-only maps, weapons, skins, and characters to diversify your gaming experience. You will not feel cluttered or restricted playing on a small screen since the controls are well thought out and are placed properly on your screen to give you a handheld controller-like experience. The cherry on top is COD Mobile supports Bluetooth connectivity meaning that you can connect your controllers as well! You can play the game at a max of 90 FPS at the Ultra Graphics setting.

One of the things that we love about COD Mobile is that although it provides in-app purchases, for weapon attachments, gears, and gun skins, it doesn’t shove them down your throat. The in-app purchases are purely cosmetic meaning you can avail them for convenience but it will not anyway affect your gameplay or win. COD Mobile offers a perfectly balanced microtransaction model that does not limit game features behind paywalls.

While COD Mobile is our number one alternative to Apex Legends Mobile, it is not without its flaws. First and foremost, make sure to keep your device fully charged before you play the game. COD Mobile will drain your battery very quickly. You will also need to ensure you have fast, and reliable internet connectivity, to avoid drastically jittery gameplay and a substantial drop in FPS. You are sure to face a lot of cheaters within the Battle Royale Mode who will always have an upper hand over you. And as if that isn’t enough, you are sure to find the Battle Royale Armory System quite frustrating. Unless you have a Level Three Armour, you are considerably outmatched.


If you are not playing COD Mobile already, we highly recommend you do. This game is perfect for you if you are looking to experience a Console quality Battle Royale Gameplay. You can expect an immersive gaming experience with a wide array of characters, skins, weapons, and classes to choose from.

Pros of Call of Duty Mobile Cons of Call of Duty Mobile
You get to experience Console Level graphics, control, and physics within the gameplay Make sure to keep your phone fully charged before playing as COD Mobile will drain your battery very fast!
It is completely free and you do not need to make in-app purchases since they are mostly cosmetic rather than advantageous You will face unfair competition in the Battle Royale Mode due to the Battle Royale Armory System
You can enter Battle Royale Mode with up to 100 people with the option to go solo, duo, or squad The slightest connection issues can entirely derail your gameplay experience
You experience highly customizable gameplay due to the availability of a wide number of characters, a wide variety of skins, and weapons. The Battle Royale Mode will contain a lot of cheaters and hackers and campers. So good luck!
You get to have both first-person and third-person shooter experience

2. PUBG Mobile

In 2016, with the release of PlayerUnknown Battleground, PUBG Corporation, and Krafton pioneered the Battle Royale Gameplay format. It took the internet by storm. Since then, PUBG had been the go-to Battle Royale game for many. In PUBG, you play solo, and based on your skills and abilities you will have to survive and earn the chicken dinner. You will do so while scavenging for supplies like ammo, weapons, armor, health packs, and other supplies.

With PUBG Mobile, you will experience the same Battle Royale Gaming experience on your mobile device, due to its unique focus on realistic simulation, and massive zones. You will be required to stay much more tactile and stealthy in PUBG once you land on its open-world map. The tactility of PUBG Mobile makes the gameplay much more realistic. You will love the third-person experience of PUBG Mobile, due to its proper optimization, and fluidity in movement and motion. You get to play on seven different maps which are very big. You will not be able to see the entire map at once unless the survival zone shrinks considerably.

What makes the game much more enjoyable is its unpredictable gameplay. Looting is fun and there are always enough supplies and ammunition to keep you fighting till the end. You will love this game if you enjoy taking risks. The randomness of PUBG Mobile means that you may find tier-three armor or a powerful gun just waiting around the corner.

While PUBG has been the OG Battle Royale Game, it does have its own set of flaws. Although PUBG Mobile is supposed to have first-person gameplay, the first-person experience is tremendously clunky with random drops in FPS, jitters, slow movements, and lag. Playing in the first-person mode will frustrate you. You can forget playing the full-fledged PUBG Mobile game on a low-end handheld device. The CPU and GPU-intensive nature of the game will not help if you are on a low-end smartphone. You will either need to switch to a high-end device or install the Lite version of the game, with tons of compromises. In several Countries like India, and Pakistan PUBG is banned. So, if you are from these countries you won’t be able to access the game unless you are on VPN. Lastly, hackers will make sure you are always underpowered in the game.


Overall we recommend you start playing PUBG if you are looking for the OG Battle Royale experience. What makes PUBG better is that you have to make calculated decisions at every step to make it to the end. The strategic and nail-biting experience, although boiled down from the PC version is still impressive and worth considering.

Pros of PUBG Mobile Cons of PUBG Mobile
The fact that you can play PUBG on any device makes it a popular offering You may find yourself frustrated due to repetitive gameplay, and clunky first-person gameplay
PUBG is much more tactics focused rather than the run-and-gun nature of Fortnite You will find yourself facing sudden performance hits if you are on a low-end device and will have to switch to PUBG Mobile Lite
The third-person experience in PUBG is much smoother compared to the first-person experience PUBG is banned in India, Pakistan, China, and Jordan. So you need to use a VPN to access the game if you are from any of those regions
Long-lasting matches and expansive terrain makes the gameplay much more immersive Hackers will ruin your gaming experience
Lots of weapons, skin and character options, decision-based outcomes, and longer matches will eventually hook you till the end for the much-awaited “Chicken Dinner”

3. Fortnite for Mobile

Since its release by Epic Games in 2017, Fortnite had been through a lot of ups and downs. However, as of today, Fortnite has managed to impress us and has become a worthy contender to replace Apex Legends Mobile. The popularity of Fortnite visibly exploded with its unique take on the Battle Royale Mode. If you have already played Fortnite on your PC, you may be discouraged or skeptical to consider this as an appropriate alternative to Apex Legends Mobile. However, we urge you to give it a shot. You will not regret it!

As soon as you enter the game, you will realize how vibrant and aesthetically pleasing the entire game is. Even though it is a trimmed-down version of the PC game, Fortnite will manage to mesmerize you even on its mobile version. The graphics, physics, animation, and attention to detail are worth nothing and you will not feel any compromises made on the mobile version. Also, Fortnite is played by millions around the globe. This makes you part of a vast community of players. This also means that the overall skill requirement of the game reduces substantially. This will make Fortnite for mobile a very straightforward game for you to experience. The fact that you are playing Fortnite on a touchscreen has its own set of advantages as well. For example, weapons are easier to pick, you can auto-open doors and it is also easier to shoot and move the characters.

Fortnite uses visual cues on mobile. This means that you will experience reduced sound impact while playing and have a sense of sound origination. These cues are important for you to develop your abilities in combat. Once you adapt to these cues it will help you gain an advantage by sneaking up on other players and by evading detections.