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20 Best Roblox Shooting Games


From AAA titles like GTA 6 to competitive games like PUBG Mobile, the gaming community doesn’t have a shortage of shooting games. But what if you could enjoy a variety of different shooting games on a single platform? That’s what Roblox provides with its massive and diverse catalog of custom games. From popular clones to completely unique titles, there’s something for everyone. So it’s time to explore the 15 best Roblox shooting games and find the finest for you and your crew!

1. Counter Blox: Remastered

Note: As of November 2022, this game is undergoing bug fixes and is expected to be live again soon.

As you might have guessed, Counter-Blox is an accurate replica of CS: GO, one of the most popular titles from the Counter-Strike franchise. Ten players are divided into two teams to fight 5 vs 5 matches across unique matches. One group has to plant a bomb while the other has to defuse it, and in the meantime, both teams are trying to eliminate each other.

Everything from the gun mechanics to the design of maps and textures is inspired by CS: GO. The only thing that stands out in this Roblox shooting game is your blocky body.

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2. Island Royale

In the last few years, battle royale games like Garena Free Fire, Fortnite, and Apex Legends have taken over a major proportion of the battle royale segment. The situation on Roblox is no different, which is why we have Island Royale, a replica of Fortnite, which is as reactive as its source of inspiration. You will find familiar weapons, open maps, and the same build mechanics. Not to forget, the huge set of affordable cosmetic items is definitely a level-up if you are planning to switch.

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3. Arsenal – Most Fun Roblox Gun Game

While fighting with guns sounds exciting, it’s not a secret that the same requires good aim and plenty of practice, especially in competitive games. But not with Arsenal. It is one of the few chaotic shooting Roblox games that awards you for being creative. Expanding on loadout mechanics, Arsenal allows you to use blades, spells, and many different weapons to kill your enemies. It’s the perfect place for relaxing or having a fun-focused session with your friends.

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4. No-Scope Arcade

The most defining aspect of every good sniper is its scope whether you are playing competitively or for fun. Without the scopes, snipers fall drastically on the accuracy ranking charts. This Roblox game relies on that mechanic to test your skill.

Each round offers you a variety of snipers, and you have to use them, you guessed it, without scopes. The skillset for such a mechanic is challenging but also fun. Who knows, you might be able to record some cool trick shots and transfer the skills learned in this Roblox game to other shooter titles.

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5. Hood Modded

While most Roblox shooting games are great for casual fun, almost none offer good incentives for you to stick around. Well, that’s precisely where Hood Modded stands out. It is a team-based game where you have to recruit a crew and climb the ranks on the server. The game allows looting and weapon collection on top of the general shooting experience.

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6. Zombie Uprising – Best Zombie Shooting Roblox GameNo list of shooting games can be complete without a zombie shooter, and we are not making an exception. Zombie Uprising is one of the most popular zombie Roblox games, and it’s all for good reasons. It features a huge collection of weapons, multiple maps, and even weapon upgrades to mow down a swarm of zombies. Not to forget, unlike other games, it has a dedicated season-based rank system and even a battle pass. So, there’s a reward for every zombie you kill.