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30 Best Roblox Games to Play with Friends


Ever since the pandemic hit, game nights have become more and more common among groups of players. Yet, it is still not easy to find new games that your whole crew can enjoy and have fun playing together. But worry not, your search ends here. We have found the best Roblox games you can play with friends that offer unique content, free private servers, and hours of fun. Some of the games even act as alternatives to popular video game titles like Among Us, Dead by Daylight, Apex Legends, and many others. That said, let’s dive in and explore the best Roblox games to play with a group of friends online.

Best Roblox Games to Play with Friends (December 2022)

Please note that Roblox multiplayer games are open to all players by default. So, if you want to only play with your friends, you will have to create private servers, which are free for some games and can cost up to 200 Robux for others. We have mentioned the cost of such servers along with the store link below.

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1. Survive the Killer

Survive the Killer is the perfect hide-and-seek Roblox scary game to play with friends. It’s similar to Friday The 13th but has its mechanics and graphical style. If you spawn as a survivor, you have to hide from the killer, protect your friends, and complete tasks to escape with your group. Meanwhile, the killer is responsible for taking down as many people as possible before the timer ends or the survivors flee.

Because the killer is always someone you know, this game becomes a battle of mind games, bluffing, and a bunch of false alarms. Moreover, while you can win if only one player escapes successfully, it always attempts group survival and plays tricks with the killer. With well-paced gameplay and scary maps, this game is perfect for game nights. Well, as long as you survive the killer.

  • Play Survive the Killer!
  • Private Server Cost: 100 Robux

2. Adopt Me

With over 80,000 daily active players, Adopt Me is one of the most popular Roblox games on the platform. You spawn in a world filled with the cutest animal, which you get to adopt and raise with your friends. The game also allows you to create a custom home for your pets while your Roblox friends can roleplay as other pet owners and even get related jobs. This world is a eutopia for animal lovers, and thanks to the themed updates, you get a bunch of fictional pets as well as the latest Puss in Boots.

3. Jailbreak

As the name suggests, this Roblox game delivers the cops vs robbers scenario to play with your friends. You either become the criminal or the crime stopper. The criminals are supposed to loot places and escape the police. On the other hand, the cops are supposed to catch criminals and put them behind bars. And it’s not a typical combat-only game. Instead, Jailbreak has heist mechanics and bunch of vehicles, including choppers and even trading.

  • Play Jailbreak
  • Private Server Cost: 200 Robux

4. Outlaster

While other Roblox games you play with your friends get you closer to them, Outlaster ends friendships. It’s like a reality show turned into a Roblox experience. You spawn on a beautiful tropical island where the battle for power takes place. Each player is on their own, and they have to take part in competitions, gain advantages, and use manipulation.

Then comes the elimination process, where players vote for one person off the island. So, will your friends back your choices, or will they kick you out to eliminate the competition? Only one way to find out. Just make sure to launch this game with an open heart and an alert mind.

Play Outlaster
Private Server Cost: 199 Robux

5. Slap Battles

Slap Battles is the perfect Roblox game for you and your friends to create unlimited chaos. Don’t let its name fool you. While this game begins with regular slaps, you will soon discover the world of overpowered gloves, where each slap will only add to the chaos. You get explosives, anime-styled weapons, and even vehicles in this game. While no one can assure your victory in the battle, fun definitely has a confirmed presence in each round.

6. UNOfficial

Whether it’s a college party or a fun family get-together, UNO is the ultimate card game that’s bound to show up. And the world of Roblox games isn’t immune from the same. UNOfficial is a card game that’s just like UNO and even has all of the iconic cards. To play this game, you sit with your friends in a circle within Roblox and have turn-based gameplay. Though, unlike the real UNO, you can customize rules in this Roblox game and even invite bots to fill in for missing players.

  • Play UNOfficial
  • Private Server Cost: Free

7. Expedition Antarctica

While an actual trip to the south pole will always remain a dream for most people, this Roblox Game is a worthy alternative. In Expedition Antarctica, you and your friends get to explore the mountains of Antarctica along with their frozen peaks, glaciers, and icy ocean. There are also some fun adventures on the way, including complex terrain, helicopters, and even interactions with penguins.

  • Play Expedition Antarctica
  • Private Server Cost: Free

8. Island Royale

Even after years of its release, Fortnite is still one of the most popular battle royale games out there. Its building mechanics and cartoonish graphics allow it to easily stand out among the rest. Island Royale takes inspiration from the title to give us a Roblox blocky version of Fortnite, which you and your friends can joy.

Much like its inspiration, Island Royale begins with you landing on an island by jumping off a flying bus. Then, you have to gather supplies, team up with your friends and be the last team standing. This game also has special events, exclusive items, and more, alongside the main game.

  • Play Island Royale
  • Private Server Cost: 150 Robux

9. Arsenal

If you like the shooting games of Roblox, you are going to love Arsenal. It’s a random loadout-based game in which you go through a series of diverse weapons with the aim of killing the most players. The range of options you get is truly impressive. From blasters to magic spells, you never know what to expect, and that is what makes Arsenal’s fast-paced gameplay even tense and fun. Only the most adaptive players and skilled shooters in your group will survive.

  • Play Arsenal
  • Private Server Cost: 100 Robux

    10. BedWars

    Among all the best Minecraft servers, bedwars is probably the most popular game mode among players. Now, it has made its way to Roblox with a major upgrade. In BedWars, you have to protect your base, which is also your respawn point. If your base gets destroyed, your death in the game becomes permanent. So, the last player surviving with a base becomes the ultimate winner.

    The world of this Roblox game uses blocks to create structure bidding an ode to its inspiration. But unlike Minecraft, you have a huge variety of powerful weapons, including vehicles to attack the enemy base. Moreover, it also features other popular multiplayer modes from Minecraft, including SkyWars and Lucky Blocks. So, it will definitely keep you entertained for hours.

    • Play BedWars
    • Private Server Cost: Free

    11. Brookhaven RP

    While most of the Roblox multiplayer games are fun only if you already have an active group of friends, Brookhaven is also great for solo players. It is the perfect place for someone who wants to make new friends on Roblox, and also for groups who want to stay away from traditional games. Brookhaven offers you a roleplay world where everyone gets to drive premium vehicles and live in amazing houses. Not to forget, with over 150K+ active players, it’s basically like living in the Metaverse.

    • Play Brookhaven
    • Private Server Cost: 100 Robux

    12. Hide and Seek Transform

    Prop hunt games like Propnight are one of the best types of games you can play with your friends online. And Hide and Seek Transform on Roblox offers some of the best maps. From houses to waterparks, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste. As for the gameplay, much like other games, you get the role of either survivor or hunter. The survivors are supposed to transform into different items throughout the map and do certain tasks while the hunter tries to find and kill them.

    • Play Hide and Seek Transform
    • Private Server Cost: Free

    13. Epic Minigames

    What’s better than one good multiplayer game? One title with a bunch of great games under its belt. That’s exactly what Epic Minigames provides, giving you access to 123 amazing games on the same server. From parkour courses to turn-based combat, there’s something for everyone’s playstyle. If your friends are looking for daily gaming, this Roblox game is perfect to keep them busy for months.

    • Play Epic Minigames
    • Private Server Cost: Free