A Human Family Still Walks on All Fours, Suggesting Backwards Evolution

Some scientists offer another explanation.

  • A scientific debate about a family in Turkey has continued for years, all because multiple members of the family walk on all fours.
  • One scientist infamously dubbed the condition backwards evolution, which was met with scorn by others in the scientific community.
  • A syndrome was established based on the multiple members of the Turkish family.

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For years, the Ulas family in Turkey has received a lot of attention from the scientific community. Because five members of the family walk on all fours, one scientist concluded over a decade ago that the condition signaled backwards evolution.

But plenty of other scientists—and the father in the family—have a different take.

The debate was brought to light again recently by IFL Science, highlighting the push and pull of a scientist in Turkey with those from England (and now all across the world). The two factions have discussed the potential of backwards evolution due to five members of the family walking on all fours, like a bear crawl, reminiscent of the Homo sapiens before the bipedal mode became the norm.Five of the 19 children in the Ulas family have walked on all fours since infancy. But the affected siblings have intellectual disabilities and imbalance issues, suggesting their way of moving was more of an opportunity for them to more easily navigate their world.