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Can I get my WhatsApp verification code by email?

WhatsApp Verification Code by Email:

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular verification  messaging apps, noted for its strong security and user-friendly interface. The verification procedure is an important aspect of WhatsApp’s security mechanism because it guarantees that the user is the legal owner of the phone number being registered. This verification is often performed with an SMS code or a voice call. But what if you prefer to receive your WhatsApp verification code by email? Let’s investigate whether this is doable and consider various options.

The Standard Verification Process

When you set up WhatsApp, you must input your phone number. When you enter your phone number, WhatsApp sends a verification code to that number via SMS or, if asked, an automated voice call. To complete the verification procedure, input this code into the app. This procedure is intended to ensure that the individual attempting to set up the account has access to the phone number specified.

Why Email Verification Isn’t an Option

WhatsApp currently does not provide the opportunity verification  to obtain verification codes by email. The main reason for this is security. Phone numbers are often seen as more secure for such verifications than email addresses, which can be vulnerable to hackers and phishing assaults. By restricting verification to phone numbers, WhatsApp may better safeguard users from unauthorised account access.

What to Do If You Can’t Receive SMS or Calls

There are some instances in which you may be unable to receive the SMS or voice call required for verification. For example, if you’re travelling internationally, your phone may be unable to accept texts or calls owing to roaming limits. In such instances, here are some solutions:

Roaming Services:

Make sure your phone plan includes international roaming. This allows you to receive SMS or phone calls even when you are abroad.

Temporary Local SIM Card:

Buy a temporary SIM card for the nation verification  you are going. Insert this SIM card into your phone to acquire the verification code.

Future Possibilities

While email verification is not currently accessible, the rapid advancement of technology and user demand may lead WhatsApp to investigate new verification methods in the future. Email, as a popular communication method, could be utilised for secondary verification or account recovery operations.


To summarise, it is now not feasible to receive a WhatsApp verification code via email. The usage of phone numbers for verification is a security technique to protect users’ accounts. If you’re unable to receive SMS or voice calls, try allowing international roaming, utilising a local SIM card, or looking into VoIP possibilities. As technology progresses, we may see more varied verification techniques in the future, but for the time being, sticking with tried-and-true phone number verification is the way to go.