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How can I check my sehat card on my CNIC?


The Sehat Card, commonly known as the Sehat Sahulat Programme, provides free healthcare to eligible Pakistani citizens. It covers a wide variety of medical treatments and procedures at partner sehat  facilities. To take advantage of this programme, you must verify your eligibility and check the status of your Sehat Card using your CNIC.

Online Verification

Visit the official website. Visit the Sehat Sahulat Program’s official webpage.

Enter Your CNIC Number:

Locate the section for card verification and input your CNIC number with no dashes.

SMS Verification

Open the SMS Application: Launch the messaging app on your phone.

Send SMS:

Send this message to the specified sehat  number supplied by the Sehat Sahulat Programme.

Helpline Inquiry

Dial the official helpline number for the Sehat Sahulat Programme.

In-Person Verification

Visit the nearest Sehat Sahulat Programme facilitation centre or connected hospital.

Understanding Your Sehat Card Status

After completing one of the verification stages, you will receive information about your Sehat Card. The status may indicate one of the following:

Eligible and Active:

You are eligible for sehat  the programme, and your Sehat Card is currently active. You can utilise it to obtain healthcare services.

Benefits of the Sehat Card

The Sehat Card offers various benefits, including:


The Sehat Card is an important project for enabling access to healthcare for all Pakistani residents. You may easily check the status of your Sehat Card by following the easy procedures indicated above and entering your CNIC. This verification guarantees that you are aware of your eligibility and may take use of the Sehat Sahulat Program’s benefits as needed. Stay proactive about your health and take advantage of the resources provided through this programme to ensure a healthier future.