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How much money does WhatsApp make per day?


WhatsApp, a renowned worldwide money messaging network, has transformed the way people interact. With more than 2 billion users globally, its impact is apparent. This article examines WhatsApp’s daily earnings from multiple sources and provides an estimate based on available data.

Revenue Sources

Unlike typical programs that rely mainly money on direct user charges or subscriptions, WhatsApp’s income model is diverse. Here are the main sources of WhatsApp’s revenue:

Business API:

WhatsApp charges businesses for utilizing its API to communicate with clients. This includes notifications, customer service messages, and promotional materials.

Facebook Advertising Integration:

While WhatsApp does not display advertisements, it does interface with Facebook’s ad platform, allowing businesses to redirect users from Facebook ads to WhatsApp discussions.

Data Monetization:

Data sharing between WhatsApp and its money parent firm, Meta Platforms, is controversial, but it helps enhance ad targeting across Facebook and Instagram

Estimating Daily Revenue

To estimate WhatsApp’s daily revenue, we must analyze a variety of criteria and available data. According to industry experts, WhatsApp’s income is expected to reach over $5 billion per year by 2023. Breaking it down:

Future Revenue Potential

WhatsApp’s income potential is huge. Revenue is expected to increase as it expands its corporate API services and integrates more deeply into Facebook’s advertising ecosystem. Furthermore, developing new monetization tactics, such as premium features or supplementary services for businesses, may increase daily earnings.


WhatsApp, with its large user base and clever business model, generates a sizable daily income. The estimated $13.89 million per day demonstrates the economic impact and potential for expansion. WhatsApp’s revenue streams are expected to broaden as it grows, cementing its status as a digital communication superpower.