How to get daily free minutes on easypaisa account?

How to Get Daily Free Minutes on Your EasyPaisa Account:

EasyPaisa, Pakistan’s top digital wallet and account mobile banking service, provides a variety of incentives to its users, including the ability to earn free minutes for daily use. This post contains a full instruction on how to obtain daily free minutes on your EasyPaisa account, as well as tips and tactics for maximising these benefits.

Understanding EasyPaisa Free Minutes

EasyPaisa free minutes are promotional benefits offered by EasyPaisa to encourage the use of their platform. These free minutes can be utilised to make calls, allowing users to stay connected without paying further fees. Here’s how to begin earning them.

Explore EasyLoad and EasyCard Options

EasyPaisa provides free minutes with its EasyLoad (mobile recharge) and EasyCard bundles. Regular use of these services can allow you to earn free minutes.

Utilize EasyPaisa Daily Offers

EasyPaisa often runs daily promotions that account include free minutes. These offers can be found in the app’s promotions or deals section.

Participate in EasyPaisa Promotions and Contests

EasyPaisa frequently organises promotions and contests that provide participants with free minutes. Keeping an eye out for these events will allow you to earn more minutes.

Use EasyPaisa for Bill Payments and Money Transfers

EasyPaisa’s reward programme allows you to earn free minutes for transactions such as bill payments and money transfers.

Customer Loyalty Programs

EasyPaisa may provide loyalty programmes that reward frequent users with free minutes. This is frequently determined by your account transaction history and overall app usage.


Earning daily free minutes on your EasyPaisa account is a simple method that can considerably lower your communication expenses. You may get the most of your free minutes by using the EasyLoad and EasyCard options, participating in daily offers and promotions, entering contests, and completing regular transactions through the app. Stay proactive in checking the app for new deals and offers, and take advantage of EasyPaisa’s lucrative ecosystem.