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How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has an abundance of hard-hitting weapons, nevertheless it additionally features a justifiable share of weird weapons just like the Ringed Finger Hammer. Yeah, it appears to be like precisely just like the title makes it out to be – a large finger line with a lot of ornamental rings. The Ringed Finger Hammer is meme-worthy, particularly on TikTok, however that doesn’t imply it’s not helpful.

This weapon has first rate efficiency and helps break by means of a guard publish with ease. Sadly, discovering the Ringed Finger Hammer requires lots of exploration on the participant’s half. So, on this information, we’ll share the situation of this weapon and make it easier to get the Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring. In spite of everything, all of us love these “strive finger, however gap” meme messages within the sport a little bit bit.


Discover Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring (2023)

If gamers have visited the Caria Manor in Elden Ring, they may acknowledge the Ringed Finger Hammer. The issue with Ringed Finger Hammer is that it’s neither an enemy drop nor it’s straightforward to trace. To seek out this unusual weapon, gamers have to enterprise out to at least one particular space of the Lands Between. So, let’s not waste extra time and find the Ringed Finger Hammer.

What’s the Ringed Finger Hammer?

Because the title reveals, the Ringed Finger Hammer is a weapon with the sport’s titular rings that gamers can equip and assault enemies with. Whereas most hammers in Elden Ring appear like their real-life counterpart with some visible modification, Ringed Finger Hammer is a finger from the Fingercreeper from Caria Manor, bejeweled with shiny rings. You realize, the enemies that appear like a big, blue hand with rings on one in every of its fingers.

Ringed Finger Hammer is extra of a bludgeon as an alternative of a hammer and is a good weapon to wreck enemies with a robust guard. Furthermore, this hammer additionally has a novel weapon artwork referred to as “Claw Flick,” the place the finger swells up and flicks the enemies with immense energy. Who or the place the weapon was conjured is a reality unknown. Nevertheless, the official merchandise description says the next:

“Bludgeon fabricated from an infinite finger sheathed in a number of heavy rings. Thought to have been minimize from an ancestor of the Fingercreeper. Some life but stays on this legacy of an historical act of blasphemy, as evidenced by the hardly perceptible heat it nonetheless exudes.”

Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring

There is just one Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring for gamers to acquire and wield. As for its location, effectively, the weapon is hidden in one of many hero’s graves within the Altus Plateau. Listed here are the steps to search out the Ringed Finger Hammer.

  • First, attain the world between Mt Gelmir and Altus Plateau. Observe the northern roads of the Altus Plateau across the mountains and thru the Abductor village. Needless to say it’s a mid-to-late sport space, so it’s good to progress effectively into the sport to succeed in right here. The closest website of grace is Primeval Sorceror Azur, which unlocks after defeating the side-boss Demi-Human Queen Maggie.
  • Head contained in the Gelmir Hero’s Grave dungeon by taking a elevate inside. Be sure to activate the positioning of grace.
  • Right here, take a left, and observe the highway till you discover a room with a pathway within the center and lava canals on the facet
  • Earlier than you observe the highway, keep in mind that a chariot patrols the paths of this room, and it immediately kills gamers by operating over them. Happily, at a number of meters, there are small arches (marked beneath) the place gamers can enter shortly and look forward to the chariot to maneuver away earlier than they begin operating for his or her lives once more.
  • As soon as the chariot turns round, begin operating by holding house on the keyboard (B on an Xbox controller and circle on a PlayStation controller). Attain the arch and take out the skeleton contained in the arch. Don’t fear about killing them whereas they resurrect as a result of the chariot will maintain them if they’re in the course of its pathway.
  • Maintain following the above path till you discover the sting of the ground, the place the pool of lava begins. There aren’t any doable methods to skip the pool of lava, so begin rolling to the wall on the finish. There might be a spot on the proper if gamers roll straight. Go and stand there to take a breather.
  • Proper throughout the spot, there might be a room throughout the lava ground on the south facet. Roll throughout to enter the room and open the chest to acquire the weapon.

    Ringed Finger Hammer: Stats and Skills

    When you attain the situation of the Ringed Finger Hammer and discover the chest, it’s good to be taught the weapon’s stats and assaults to wield it effectively. The weapon has first rate base stats, making it a viable weapon if gamers need to run it for some time or simply meme in PvP. The bottom stats are as underneath:

    Assault Guard
    Bodily: 121 Bodily: 38
    Magic: 0 Magic: 26
    Fireplace: 0 Fireplace: 26
    Gentle: 0 Gentle: 26
    Holy: 0 Holy: 38
    Important: 100 Enhance: 28

    Ringed Finger Hammer scales with attributes like Energy and Dexterity, and the necessities for wielding it are fairly modest. The stats are as follows:

    Word: Do not forget that scaling is measured in descending order alphabetically, with ‘E’ being the bottom and ‘A’ being the best.

    Scaling Necessities
    Energy: E Energy: 15
    Dexterity: E Dexterity: 9

    As for distinctive abilities and weapon necessities, the stats for the Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring are as follows.

    Weapon Sort/Ability/Weight Necessities and Injury Sort
    Weapon Sort: Hammer Injury Sort: Strike
    Distinctive Weapon Ability: Claw Flick Focus Level Requirement: 14
    Weapon Weight: 4.5 No Passive Skills

    Issues to Contemplate Earlier than Equipping Ringed Finger Hammer

    • Whereas virtually each weapon in Elden Ring could be viable and one thing value utilizing up till the tip sport, Ringed Finger Hammer is extra of a novelty weapon, which gamers with an affinity for trolling in on-line PvP fights use.
    • Ringed Finger Hammer doesn’t permit any Ash of Battle infusion.
    • This weapon has longer weapon attain than most hammers within the sport. Ringed Finger Hammer is particularly tailor-made to swimsuit gamers with mid-Dexterity and high-strength builds.

    Get and Use Ringed Finger in Elden Ring

    And on this article, we found tips on how to discover and use probably the most peculiar weapons in Elden Ring. Whereas most weapons look stylish and boast wonderful stats, the Ringed Finger Hammer is designed for individuals who want to look ridiculous and have some enjoyable operating by means of the Lands Between. Moreover, its particular Ash of Battle makes the Ringed Finger Hammer a terrific addition to an already enormous arsenal within the sport. Did you observe down and use this unique-looking hammer in Elden Ring? Tell us within the feedback beneath. While you’re right here, we additionally recommend testing Minecraft Legends, the brand new motion technique sport from Mojang that launches in April 2023.