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How to Make Glass in Minecraft

Glass is one of the most versatile blocks in Minecraft. It not only allows you to decorate your Minecraft house but also trap mobs in a glass display and color various in-game lights. Not to forget, thanks to its diverse color combinations, glass can fit almost every structure you’re making in Minecraft. But, all that’s only possible if you know how to make glass in Minecraft, and more importantly, how to use it without breaking. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Craft Glass in Minecraft (2023)

We are first going over the basic mechanics, followed by the crafting recipe and types of glass in the game. Use the table below to explore the various aspects of this item in Minecraft.

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Where to Find Glass in Minecraft

Glass is an uncommon item in the world of Minecraft, as you can naturally only find it within Woodland Mansions and Ancient Cities. Meanwhile, stained glass only spawns in the End City. But in either of those cases, you can’t simply break glass to pick it up. More on that later.

Alternatively, you can also obtain glass by trading with Journeyman-level librarian villagers, who might sell 4 pieces of glass for 1 emerald. The deal isn’t too bad in itself. But you first have to trade with that villager multiple times to improve its level, and then you also need to find other villagers with jobs for trades around emeralds. However, since glass is easy to make, even trading doesn’t seem to be the best option to obtain it.

Types of Glass in Minecraft

In terms of functionality and appearance, there are three main types of glass blocks in Minecraft:

  • Regular Glass: Transparent block that allows all light to pass through it without affecting it in any way.
  • Tinted Glass: Dark-colored translucent block that blocks any form of light from passing through it.
  • Stained Glass: Colored glass block that changes the color of light passing through it.

Items Required to Make Glass

You need the following items to make glass in Minecraft:

  • Sand or Red Sand
  • Furnace
  • Fuel

Sand is one of the most common blocks in the game you can find in a variety of Minecraft biomes. We suggest you either look for a desert biome or water bodies. The former is mostly made up of sand on the surface and the latter almost always has sand on its shores. Similarly, you can find a huge amount of red sand exclusively in the Badlands biome. Using sand and red sand yields the same type of glass.

When it comes to fuel, there is a long range of options you can use to power your furnace, including, lava buckets, wood blocks, charcoal, coal, kelp, and more. If you have the option, we suggest you use a lava bucket to power your furnace. It acts like a very efficient power source and burns for 1000 seconds. Moreover, lava is quite to obtain if you are in the right area.

How to Make Glass in Minecraft

Follow these steps to make glass blocks in Minecraft:

1. First, place your furnace on a solid surface. Then, right-click or use the secondary action key on it to open the furnace.

2. Next, put the sand or red sand block in the top slot of the furnace.

3. Finally, place the fuel in the bottom slot of the furnace and let the sand smelt. Then, within a few seconds, your glass block will be ready. Not to forget, you also get 0.5 experience points each time you smelt a sand block into the glass.

How to Make Stained Glass in Minecraft

Much like the real world, the regular glass blocks in Minecraft are transparent which is great for windows but not for building custom structures. Luckily, you can combine your glass blocks with dye to get sixteen unique variants of stained glass in Minecraft. Here’s how.

1. First, get any of the sixteen pieces of dye in Minecraft. The easiest way to obtain dye is by placing flowers into the crafting area to turn them into a dye.

2. Then, place the dye in the middle cell of the second row of the crafting area.

3. Finally, fill the rest of the crafting area with glass blocks. You can use one piece of dye to stain 8 blocks of glass at once.

How to Make Tinted Glass in Minecraft

Tinted glass, much like stained glass, is a colored variant of regular glass. Many players even confuse the two. However, tinted glass, other than having a different appearance also has a special feature. Similar to how tinted sunglasses work in the real world, the tinted glass block is transparent but blocks all light from passing through it. This is perfect for trapping undead mobs of Minecraft without letting them burn in the sunlight. Follow these steps to easily make tinted glass in Minecraft:

1. First, find a cluster of amethyst by mining underground in the Overworld. Then mine its blocks to get 4 amethyst shards. Alternatively, you can also find them in the chest of Ancient Cities.

2. Then, place your glass block in the middle of the crafting table.

3. Finally place one amethyst shard on each side of the glass block leaving the corner cells of the crafting area empty. With that, your tinted glass block is ready.

How to Break or Pick Glass in Minecraft

As you might expect, glass is quite fragile, even in Minecraft. So, you can’t pick up glass blocks by breaking or mining them. Doing so just shatters the glass, making it completely disappear. So, you first need to apply the silk touch enchantment to your tool to mine placed block of glass. Use our Minecraft enchantment guide to quickly obtain it in no time.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter which tool you are using to break the glass. As long as the tool has silk touch enchantment, the glass block will drop itself without disappearing. This applies to all variants of glass in Minecraft.

Make and Use Glass in Minecraft

Now that you have a bunch of amazing glass blocks at your disposal, it’s time to make the most out of them. While you can get a bunch of ideas from the best Minecraft custom maps, we suggest you first create a fish farm in Minecraft. It requires a bunch of glass blocks and immediately pays you a high reward for your efforts. Moreover, stained glass is a great way to customize beacons in Minecraft. But that’s just ideas from the top of our heads. How are you planning to use glass blocks in Minecraft? Share your plan and ideas in the comments below!