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New 20 Best Minecraft HUD Mods You Must Try


Minecraft has gone through a variety of changes over the years, ranging from biomes to gameplay mechanics. But the game’s UI and HUD have more or less remained unchanged. Now, if you think it’s time to finally revamp the HUD and breathe new life into it, well, we are here to help with a list of the best Minecraft HUD mods. Some of the UI mods provide subtle new features in Minecraft while others completely replace the default HUD with something new. It’s quite a long list to go through, so let’s not waste any time and dive right in!

Best Minecraft HUD Mods (2022)

Before you start exploring this guide, please keep in mind that only the Minecraft Java edition (and not the Bedrock edition) supports these mods. Moreover, you will first have to install forge in Minecraft to use the mods.

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1. Xaero’s Minimap

Like most sandbox games, Minecraft lacks a dedicated map in its HUD. It doesn’t stand out as an issue in the earlier part of the gameplay, but it can get frustrating soon. Not to forget, even if you make a map in Minecraft, it only covers a tiny portion of the endless world in the game.Luckily, Xaero’s Minimap is one the best mods that fix this problem by adding a fixed minimap to the HUD. It looks similar to the in-game map you can craft but also has other useful information, including mods, structures, and even a dedicated cave mode. This mod is perfect for players who want to explore the world while not trying too hard to reach valuable resources.

2. Durability Show

It is extremely annoying to be in the middle of combat or mining only to witness your tool break in front of you. To make the game realistic, most useable items in Minecraft have durability, which causes them to break after some time. Unfortunately, the indicator that shows the durability isn’t prominent and can be hard to comprehend for newbies.The “Durability Show” Minecraft mod makes durability easier to understand by converting the item’s health bars into numerical values in the UI. You can see the durability of each of your items on the bottom right corner of the HUD and replace them before running out. This mod also comes in handy while testing the efficiency of each tool and the cost of each in-game action.

3. Crafting Tweaks

This Minecraft HUD mod makes using a crafting table simpler than ever before. You have 3 new buttons — one for rotating, another for balancing, and finally, one for clearing the grid. In addition, the crafting area expands to welcome more features that make item placement simpler and much faster than usual. Moreover, this HUD mod even works with most custom crafting table mods for Minecraft.

4. Smart HUD

What makes a HUD good is its simplicity, and the Smart HUD mod for Minecraft offers you just that. It rearranges the entire Hotbar for easy viewing and adds an additional off-hand slot to its right. So, you can use the Totem of Undying without keeping the compass aside. And that’s one of the many purposes it can serve for the players. So install this Minecraft UI mod and discover the other uses by yourself.

5. OneBar Minecraft HUD Mod

Being a survival game, Minecraft requires you to take note of various factors, including hunger, health, and even poisonous effects. If you miss out on any of them, it can be dangerous and even fatal for you. However, as you might expect, this also develops a constant pressure on players to keep an eye out on every bodily aspect.

OneBar is one of the top Minecraft HUD mods that gets rid of such elements and replaces them with a single bar. This bar mainly shows your overall health with positive effects on the left side and negative effects on the right. Then, if you are hungry, the hunger bar shows up on top of the health bar. Similarly, the water bar takes priority while you are swimming. Using this mod, you only need to worry about one bar at a time.

6. Console Experience

When it comes to the official Minecraft interface, the legacy console editions are the ones that lucked out the most. The Minecraft HUD is simple, informative, and also intuitive for them. You have detailed tooltips, a hovering Hotbar, animated icons, a paper doll of a player, and as a bonus, some fancy Minecraft menus. You can get all of that on Minecraft Java Edition with this console experience UI mod, so go check it out.

7. Inventory Sorter

Sorting and arranging the Minecraft inventory is tiring and time-consuming. In its current state, the inventory requires a lot of custom item picking and placement. But with the Inventory Sorter mod, you can use special key binds and blacklisting options to fix the item placement in no time.

Unlike other mods, this Minecraft HUD mod doesn’t visually affect the game too much, but it makes the player inventory simpler and more intuitive to use.

8. TrashSlot

While collecting items in Minecraft is a hard challenge, it can be harder to get rid of them. You can’t just throw them out of your inventory as it leaves a chance of you accidentally picking them up or worse, lagging the entire game. Not to forget, it also takes some time for items to despawn in Minecraft. So, players usually rely on throwing items inside lava to destroy them permanently. But even that does not work on everything like Netherite.