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New Flutter mobile app development

Flutter is a brilliant mobile app development SDK by Google. If you are looking to start a mobile app development company, then flutter is your best friend. Flutter is genuinely outstanding as it works on both Android and iOS from a single codebase. Millions of apps are being downloaded by mobile users every single day.

What is even more remarkable about Flutter is that it is compatible with the Fuschia Operating system, which is Google’s upcoming OS. Before hiring a Flutter mobile development company, there are a few things you need to know. There are 2.7 million apps on the Google play store, and the number keeps on increasing. Next on the line, the Apple app store is the second-largest app store with approximately 1.82 million apps.

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The number of apps present on these stores is never constant since there are tons of low-quality apps that the app stores remove and several apps they regularly accept from developers. Even so, the increase in apps on the Play store is way more than the decrease. It is bound to increase even more in the future. You can hire Flutter developers for your next project.

In this article, you will learn more about Flutter mobile app development, its benefits, and the steps one should take to build a startup mobile app.

Why is Flutter a good choice for developing a startup mobile app?

Flutter is adored by mobile developers all around the world. We will go through some data to learn what makes Flutter mobile app development so good.

  1. Based on the stats of the 2020 survey, it was confirmed that Flutter ranks second in the popularity list of mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide. The survey showed that 39% of people used Flutter mobile app development services. This is predicted to increase in 2021.
  2. Thanks to Google’s survey we now know the share for Flutter developers and maximum work for a startup.
  • 39% work for a startup.
  • 26% are enterprise developers.
  • 19% are self-employed.
  • 7% work for design agencies.
  1. According to Google, there was an 80% increase in the apps that were developed through Flutter after the release of 1.20.
  2. Flutter has been the most used programming language since February 2021, and second, to Flutter is React Native for building customized cross-platform mobile apps.

This data must have made you realize how important Flutter mobile app development is.

Benefits of using Flutter for building a mobile app

Given below are the benefits of using Flutter for mobile app development.

  • Fast development process.
  • Open source coding
  • Useful widget
  • The single code base for multiple users
  • Apps become server less
  • Custom and animated user interface
  • Potentiality to move beyond mobile

How to develop a startup mobile app through Flutter

Read the steps given below to know how to build a Flutter mobile app.

  1. Idea

Starting without any direction can be very challenging. Hence, it would help if you had a well-researched idea. Understand the concepts of your niche. Analyze and observe the moves of your competitors. Find out what is unique about your vision and start building it. Find out your potential customers and target audience. This would be your first step in building a Flutter mobile development company.

  1. Flutter for MVP

MVP stands for a minimum viable product. MVP allows business owners to validate their notions, accumulate reviews, and understand customers’ requirements. It defends the businesses from possible market failures and protects them from investing in an item that could result in losses.

Flutter goes with MVP development. Flutter makes the development process easier and more efficient and increases the speed of development.

  1. User interface and user experience

Flutter is truly excellent. Besides providing us with native performance and hot reloads for quick development, it also issues us access to stunning, native components. Apps that are Flutter built can be operated on bigger and smaller devices. These include mobile, smartwatches, TVs, and laptops.

Through the virtue of Flutter’s adoptive component, you will be able to tackle several challenges. The good news in Flutter is that you need not write multiple codes for different platforms. It is single code-based. It is an important step to Futter mobile app development.

  1. Development, Integration and Deployment

The process of startup Flutter mobile app development company consists of planning, development, coding, testing, and reviewing. In this step, there are three parts. These include:

  • Backend: It contains information that the end-user cannot view. It consists of databases and server-side objects that are needed to support mobile app functionality.
  • API: The app and the backend can communicate through Application Programming Interface.
  • Mobile app front end: This is used by the users. An application usually has an interactive UX that incorporates APIs and backends for the purpose of managing the data

After you have arranged everything in place, deploy the webserver (API) into a production environment that is scalable. Moving on, the next step would be to deploy the app on the Google play store and Apple app store.

Final thoughts

Flutter allows the developers to get versatile solutions while sorting out several common problems. Flutter is used by both big and small companies. Small companies benefit from the fact that it is more affordable and takes less development time. Large companies take into account that they can eliminate a decentralized team of developers. The app development domain is chock full of competition. Hence, you must work on how you can set it apart from the others. It can be a good idea to hire Flutter developer for your next project to achieve your business goals.