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The 10 Best Universal Remotes (Updated 2023)

Having a TV, a home theater, and other entertainment appliances is all fun and games until you spend countless hours looking for the TV remote, only to find the console remote. In other words, owning multiple appliances is great, but having a stack of remotes flood your coffee table is not only an eyesore but also hectic to use. Having one remote that controls all of your devices would be great.


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Well, guess what? Universal remotes do actually exist. In fact, nowadays, there are just so many brands offering universal remotes, identifying the best is the hard part. That is why, in this review, we commit to helping you understand not only what exactly makes the best universal remote, but also show you the best ones for your needs.

Inteset 4-in-1 is one of the best learning remotes you will come across while browsing the market today. As the name suggests, it works up to four devices at the same time. But although it connects with a limited number of devices, it makes up for this with its extensive library code, which has codes for more than 100,000 devices. Because of this feature, it’s simple to connect your devices. All you need is the device code library, enter it into the remote, and within a minute, you will be connected. It’s that easy.

We also like that it is compatible with various streaming devices, including Roku, Apple TV, and Xbox. If you hate having to turn on the TV, then switch inputs, you will be even more glad you bought this remote. It supports macro-programming, which means you can set it up to perform up to 15 commands, by simply pressing a single button.

Although the design isn’t that sophisticated, it’s pretty ergonomic. The remote control feels good in your hand, and the buttons are conveniently located. It weighs only nine ounces, and it is somehow curved in the middle for an easy grip. It is lightweight, and the buttons are easy to press, although they sometimes don’t spring back. It has backlit buttons for easy use in the dark or when you need to confirm whether it’s working.

  • Pre-programmed for Xbox One, Apple TV, and Roku
  • Worldwide library code database
  • Macros-programming
  • Full LED-backlit buttons
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Number of Devices: 15
  • Smartphone compatible?: No
  • Brand: Inteset

    2. Updated SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

Looking for a universal remote that makes it easy to connect all your devices? The Updated SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote is your best pick. Unlike other universal remotes that need codes to set up, the SofaBaton U1 uses an app to connect all your devices within minutes.

Simply download the app on your smartphone and activate either of its three connection modes (Traditional IR Learning mode, Bluetooth, or IR matching) to connect the devices. Its IR connection mode is the most preferred, as it makes it easy to extract your brand’s code in case you lose a remote.

What’s more, the device is equipped with an OLED screen that displays the current status of your TV, DVD player, or home theater system for easy switching to different devices. When coupled with its wheel scroll design, you don’t need to click to switch between devices anymore.

Updated SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote supports up to 15 devices. Now you can consolidate all of your controls for your smart appliances into one universal remote. Moreover, with its cloud code library, you can quickly retrieve codes for lost remotes and integrate them into the device.

Aside from its convenient cloud code library, this remote’s software (U1) boasts an ever-growing database. As such, you can easily include codes for your newest appliances and control them using the remote. According to SofaBaton, the remote can support more than 500,000 devices from over 6,000 brands. That’s quite a list of compatible devices!

  • Wireless connectivity
  • 20-meter range
  • One-touch setup with app
  • OLED screen
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Number of Devices: 15
  • Smartphone compatible?: Yes
  • Brand: SofaBaton

    The RCA controller is generally an excellent product and one of the best universal remotes you will find. The outstanding feature, however, is its compact design. Unlike most of those on our list, this controller is palm-sized for an easy grip. Even though small, it is a pretty attractive remote to look at as it features a multicolored set of buttons.

    But despite its small size, it does not compromise on functionality. If anything, it helps you get rid of three huge remotes and replace them with a small one as it boasts compatibility with up to three devices. What’s more, it has a large code database. What this means is that other than enabling you to connect to three different devices, you can still use it if the appliances in question are from different brands. While this may seem a small number, many users find it perfect as a universal remote for their entertainment center. They can command their TV, DVD/Blu-Ray player, and audio system with this one remote.

    You also do not need to be tech-savvy to use it. This is because it boasts auto, manual, and direct code search modes, which make it pretty easy to pair with any of your devices. On top of that, it has preset modes for TV, cable, streaming, and satellite, which elevates not only performance but also the functionality. The most impressive thing about it is that it packs some pretty awesome specs, yet it is one of the most affordable universal remotes in the market.

    • 10 Foot transmission range
    • Controls 3 devices
    • 10 Preset modes for TV, Cable, streaming, and satellite
    • Power Source: Battery
    • Number of Devices: 3
    • Smartphone compatible?: No
    • Brand: RCA