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How to Get Saddle in Minecraft

If you wish to journey and management a horse or the brand new camel mob in Minecraft 1.20, you could use a saddle. This merchandise unlocks some of the dependable methods to journey within the sport. To not overlook, due to the camel’s peak, the saddle acts as a serious tactical benefit to the consumer. However, how do you get a saddle in Minecraft? Are you able to craft a saddle? Let’s reply all these questions and learn how to get a saddle in Minecraft in our devoted information.

Minecraft Saddle: Every part You Must Know (2023)

We’re protecting the mechanics, spawning, and utilization of saddles in Minecraft inside completely different sections. Use the desk beneath to discover the side that you just wish to find out about.

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What’s a Saddle in Minecraft

The saddle is a utility merchandise in Minecraft that you could journey, and in some instances, management rideable mobs within the sport. It appears much like leather-based when it comes to design and texture however, in contrast to leather-based, you possibly can’t coloration or add armor trims in Minecraft to the saddle.

Which Mobs Can You Trip Utilizing a Saddle

You need to use the saddle to journey the next mobs in Minecraft:

  • Pigs
  • Striders
  • Camels
  • Horses
  • Skeleton Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Mules

Nevertheless, not each mob features in the identical method. For instance, you first have to tame a horse in Minecraft earlier than utilizing the saddle. Plus, mobs like pigs require bait (carrot on a stick) to regulate them even after inserting a saddle. To not overlook, whereas ravagers at all times spawn with a saddle on prime of them, the gamers can’t journey them. It is because they’re naturally hostile towards the gamers. So, killing the ravager is the most suitable choice for you.

The right way to Discover Saddle in Minecraft

Sadly, the saddle is a treasured merchandise in Minecraft, and it can’t be crafted on the crafting desk. So, the one approach to get hold of it’s by exploring the world and utilizing the in-game looting strategies. Listed below are the assorted strategies to get a saddle:


You could find a saddle in varied chests in all dimensions of Minecraft. They usually spawn within the following areas:

  • Dungeon
  • Historical Metropolis
  • Bastion Remnant (Hoglin Secure)
  • Desert Temple
  • Finish Metropolis
  • Jungle Temple
  • Nether Fortress
  • Stronghold (Altar)
  • Village (Weaponsmith, Savanna, and Tanner homes)

As per the Minecraft Wiki, the chests in Nether Fortress have the very best spawn charge of chests with saddles. So, you might need to make a Nether portal in Minecraft whereas making an attempt to get a saddle.


Very similar to different treasure objects, you possibly can catch saddles whereas fishing within the overworld waterbodies of Minecraft. However understand that, it has a spawn charge of lower than 1%. So, you would possibly have to fish for a very long time earlier than getting your arms on the saddle.

Although, in its place, you can even create an AFK fish farm in Minecraft. Whereas it would take a while, you will get a bunch of saddles in addition to different objects with out placing in a lot effort.

Mob Loot

One other dependable methodology to search out saddles is killing Striders and Ravagers. Out of those, ravagers at all times spawn with a saddle, however you need to set off a raid in Minecraft to make them spawn. In the meantime, striders solely spawn with a saddle if a zombified Piglin is driving them.

Sadly, neither of those mobs have mounted spawn circumstances so you possibly can’t create a farm to gather saddles by way of these mobs. Nevertheless, if you’re taking part in on the Minecraft survival servers, you possibly can kill different gamers’ saddled mobs to acquire their saddles.

Buying and selling

Being leather-like objects, saddles can be found as a tradable merchandise with Grasp-level leatherworker villagers. They promote saddles for six emeralds. This commerce at all times exhibits up on the Java version, however Bedrock customers will solely see it round half of the time. To not overlook, you possibly can shortly arrange a villager buying and selling corridor to get not solely saddles but in addition emeralds with straightforward trades.

The right way to Use a Saddle

Now that you’ve got lastly discovered a saddle, it’s time to make use of it. There are two major methods to equip a saddle onto a mob, let’s discover the steps concerned in every of them.

Saddle Slot

The saddle slot is obtainable solely to camels‌, horses, donkeys, mules, and skeleton horses‌. If you’re making an attempt to journey one in every of these mobs, comply with the steps beneath:

1. First, right-click or use the secondary-action key on the mob to start out driving it.

2. Then, open your Minecraft stock with the E key or your devoted stock key. Additionally, you will see the stock of that mob. Now, place the saddle within the saddle slot of the mob.

3. As soon as the saddle is in place, you possibly can use your motion keys to make the mob transfer round. Furthermore, if you wish to get the saddle again, you possibly can take away it from the stock slot.

Direct Placement

One of many easiest methods to equip a saddle in Minecraft is by inserting it on the mob. This methodology works for all rideable mobs in-game. However, mobs like horses need to be tamed first earlier than they are often ridden. With that mentioned, right here’s learn how to straight place a saddle on a mob:

1. First, discover a rideable mob and get in its shut proximity.

2. Subsequent, use the right-click or secondary motion key, whereas holding the saddle, to position it. After that, use the right-click once more to start out driving the saddled mob.


Whereas this methodology is just not the best one, you can even use a dispenser in Minecraft to place a saddle in your mobs. Right here’s the way it works:

1. First, place a dispenser one block above the bottom and put a saddle in it.

2. Then, get your mob proper in entrance of the dispenser’s face.

3. Lastly, activate the dispenser utilizing a Redstone torch, button, or lever. Then, the dispenser will put the saddle in your Minecraft mob.

Get and Use a Saddle in Minecraft

Now, you might be able to go on adventures around the globe of Minecraft. However, understand that driving mobs across the overworld is likely to be straightforward, but it surely’s not the quickest methodology to discover the world. At a later stage in your sport, we advise you get hold of the Elytra in Minecraft. Apart from teleportation, it’s the most effective approach to journey in Minecraft. Coming again to the saddles, only a few Minecraft mobs might be ridden by gamers. A minimum of, within the default world. Nevertheless, if you wish to break free from these limitations, the journey command in Minecraft will assist you to journey any mob within the sport. So, whether or not you go for instructions or a saddle, which Minecraft mob are you going to journey first? Inform us within the feedback beneath!