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How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Smooth stone is one of the most useful building blocks in Minecraft. It allows you to make seamless walls and structures that fit perfectly in the overworld. However, unlike other building blocks, smooth stone doesn’t have a major spawn area or a crafting recipe. So, let’s clear the mystery around this unique block and find out how to make smooth stones in Minecraft.

Smooth Stone in Minecraft

We are covering the mechanics, spawning, and crafting of smooth stone in separate sections. Use the table below to explore the aspects that interest you.

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Stone vs Smooth Stone

As the name suggests, smooth stone is a member of stone blocks in Minecraft. However, unlike other stone blocks, smooth stone has clean and plain textures on its side. It looks similar to a polished surface in the real world.

Uses of Smooth Stone

Before we venture into the creation of smooth stones, ensure you know how many smooth stone blocks you need as per your requirements. You can use the smooth stone in Minecraft for the following purposes:

  • To make Blast Furnace
  • To make Smooth Stone Slabs
  • As a building block

How to Find Smooth Stone

Much like many other building blocks in the game, Smooth stone naturally spawns throughout the Minecraft world. You can find it in the following locations:

  • All Villages (inside mason’s chest)
  • Snowy Plains Villages (in butcher’s house)

Do keep in mind that unless you have a silk touch pickaxe, you can’t mine smooth stone blocks. So, the only reliable way to obtain them is through mason’s chests. But even there, they only spawn less than half of the time.

How to Make Smooth Stone

Follow the steps below to easily make smooth stone blocks in Minecraft:

1. First, find stone blocks that most commonly spawn around mountains or in the caves of the overworld.

2. Then, use your pickaxe to mine them. If you use a pickaxe with silk touch enchantment, the block will drop as itself. Otherwise, the stone block will drop as cobblestone.

3. Next, use your mined stone blocks to craft a furnace. Then, use right-click or the secondary action key to use it.

4. Then, place the cobblestone block in the top cell of the furnace with any type of fuel in the bottom cell. We suggest you use wood blocks as they are easier to obtain. Soon enough, the cobblestone blocks will turn into stone blocks. Get as many stone blocks as you need smooth stone blocks in Minecraft.

5. Finally, open the furnace again and place the stone blocks in the top cell with any fuel in the bottom cell. Then, just wait for a few seconds to turn stone blocks into smooth stone blocks in Minecraft.

Make and Use Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Now that you are ready with your collection of smooth stone blocks in Minecraft, it’s time to make the most out of it. Many players use it to create their Minecraft houses and bases. Though, the stone blocks aren’t too useful for building in their default state. Fortunately, you can make a stonecutter in Minecraft to cut them into various shapes. With that said, how are you planning to use smooth stone in your world? Tell us in the comments below!