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How can I check my Ufone Super card balance?

How to Check Your Ufone Super Card Balance

In the field of mobile communication, Ufone stands out as a top supplier in Pakistan, offering a variety of convenient packages customised to its subscribers’ different demands. Among its offers, the Ufone Super Card has garnered popularity due to its all-in-one solution, which provides customers with a bundle of minutes, SMS, and data at a low cost. However, balance keeping track of your remaining balance is critical for maintaining uninterrupted connectivity. Let’s look at the many methods for checking your Ufone Super Card balance, so you can keep informed and in charge of your mobile usage.

Understanding the Ufone Super Card:

Before we go into balance checking methods, it’s important to understand what the Ufone Super Card contains. The Ufone Super Card is a complete package that includes minutes for both Ufone-to-Ufone and other networks, SMS, and data, all conveniently packaged on a single card. The Super Card, which is available in a variety of values, offers customers a balance convenient solution to their communication demands.


USSD codes are one of the most easiest ways to check the balance on your Ufone Super Card. Simply dial *706# from any Ufone SIM-enabled device and follow the on-screen instructions. Within seconds, you’ll receive a message with your remaining amount and any further information, such as validity.

Ufone Mobile App

Another convenient way to check your Ufone Super Card balance is to use the Ufone mobile app. Download and install the Ufone app from your preferred app store, and then sign in to your account. Navigate to the app’s ‘Balance’ or ‘Account’ area to get real-time information about your remaining balance, usage history, and more.

Online Portal

If you want to access your account via a web browser, you can check your Super Card balance via Ufone’s online portal. Visit Ufone’s official website and sign in with your credentials. Once logged in, go to the ‘Balance’ or ‘My Account’ section to see your remaining balance and other important information.

Customer Service

For individuals who want personalised assistance, Ufone’s customer service hotline is always there to help. Simply call 333 from your Ufone number and follow the directions to reach a balance customer care agent. You can ask about your Super Card balance, recharge possibilities, and any other questions you may have.


Staying informed about your Ufone Super Card balance is critical for successful mobile usage management. You can simply check your remaining balance using the ways indicated above—whether via USSD codes, mobile apps, web portals, or customer service—ensuring seamless connectivity and peace of mind. Embrace the simplicity of the Ufone Super Card and stay connected with confidence, knowing that you always have control over your mobile communication.