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PTCL new connection price in 2024

PTCL New Connection Price in 2024:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is Pakistan’s major telecommunications service provider, offering a diverse selection of internet packages and dependable services. My PTCL internet connection will be available in 2024, and the process will be uncomplicated. This page provides a full summary of PTCL’s new connection price  pricing, packages, and installation charges.

PTCL New Connection Packages and Pricing

PTCL offers numerous broadband packages to its consumers, each with distinct internet speeds and usage limits. Yes, packages are not appropriate for home or office users. If you have a connection, you must pay the first installation charges.

Installation Charges

If you want to install a PTCL connection, you will have to pay certain upfront expenses.

Equipment Charges

PTCL normally provides a free Wi-Fi router with their services, although in some circumstances, additional equipment charges apply.

Wi-Fi Router: Typically included in most bundles.
ONT Device (fibre optic connections): Additional fees may apply if not included in the bundle.

Promotional Offers

PTCL announces numerous promotional offers and discounts for new clients. Yeh offers are valid for a limited time only, price  and include free installation, lower prices, and additional data bundles.

How to Apply for a New Connection

To apply for a new PTCL connection, please follow these simple steps:

Visit the PTCL website and go to the “New Connection” section.
Fill out the Online Application Form: Fill up the required information such as complete name, CNIC number, contact price  number, and residence address.
Select the preferred package: Select the preferred option based on your internet speed and budget.
Submit Form: After submitting the form, the PTCL team will contact you for further verification and to schedule the installation.

Customer Support

PTCL customer service is accessible 24/7 to assist you with the process of setting up a new connection or resolving an issue.

PTCL Helpline: Call 1218 from any phone.


My PTCL internet connection will be available in 2024, making the process more convenient. Consider the initial installation expenses and monthly package fees to choose the best solution for your needs and budget. PTCL provides a wide network coverage and reliable service for a better internet experience. Is guide ko follow karke aap ghar baithe hi PTCL ka new connection apply kar sakte hain aur apni daily internet demands ko effectively manage kar sakte.