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What is the price of Ufone super card for 30 days?

The Price of Ufone Super Card for 30 Days”

The price of the Ufone Super Card for 30 days varies according to the plan you select. In general, Ufone provides a variety of Super price Card alternatives to fulfil the different needs of its users. Here are some of the most popular Super Card packages, along with their costs for a 30-day validity period:

Ufone Super Card Plus:

The Super Card Plus, priced at PKR 599, includes free Ufone to Ufone and other network minutes, SMS, and mobile data.

Ufone Super Card Max:

The Super Card Max, priced at PKR 799, offers even more price generous allocations of minutes, SMS, and data, allowing you to stay connected without worrying about running out of balance.

Ufone Super Card Gold:

For those looking for premium perks, the Super Card Gold, priced at PKR 999, provides an improved package with extra features including international minutes, data roaming, and more.

Ufone Super Card Mini

The Super Card Mini, designed for light users, is reasonably priced at PKR 299 and offers a practical solution for basic price communication needs.